These lyrics, to the tune of "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, comprise the future theme song to a movie script in progress "Feminist in Hollywood" written to create nonviolent entertainment to benefit charities that rescue women and children from prostitution, sweatshop labor, and global trafficking.
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O, Mother of God in Heaven,
Hallowed be thy name
(No doubt, No fear, No shame)

Collapse the system
Choose the Word as your weapon
Attack the system
Without the use of guns

Defeat oppression
Rise up out of repression
Of free expression
What have we become?
What have we become?

Smash corruption
Slash the overconsumption
From mass production
Children we enslave

So crash the system
No criminals and no victims
Build homes, not prisons
Can the world be saved?
Can the world be saved?
(In Christ all things are made new)

A radical revolution
Is shaking up the camera lens
When Humanists
And Feminists
And Christians stand together
To break the wave of violence

Sell out . . .
To no one . . .
No doubt . . .
Justice has to come

Disarm the system
Demand compassion and wisdom
Till politicians
Throw away their guns

Defeat oppression
Stop the cause of aggression
Make no concession
Justice will be done
Sent from Kingdom come
What side are you on?
( Aww, C'mon! ;)

Zap pollution
From government institutions
To prostitution
Tricks in every trade

Collapse the system
Improve the human condition
If God is listening
Let the world be saved.
Can the world be saved? May the world be saved. Pray the world is saved.

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"Feminist in Hollywood" is a joint production to promote the cause of all charity, nonprofit, and media organizations working to end oppression:

[No More Victims, Inc.] [Listen to the Cries of the Children] [Global March (against Child Labour)] [Trade Watch] [Condemned] [Women Against Global Trafficking] [Nonviolence Web] [Amazon Xociety] [Sithabile Children's Haven, S. Africa] [Free Verse Publishing] [Houston Progressive]

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