Left Rose

A Play on Life In America

Right Rose

This play may be produced freely
for the purpose of arts education.

All great events in world history reappear in one fashion or another . . . the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. -- Karl Marx

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Summary: Juliet, a Pro-Life feminist, falls for Romeo (an atheist) when he and a group of street poets disrupt her women’s Bible study. She tries to stop his girlfriend Rosalind from having an abortion after Romeo lands on death row for defending his gay friends from Tybalt (trapped in a coma until Lady Capulet learns to let go). In the meantime Paris harasses Juliet sexually (and Romeo religiously) until the very end when all couples get married in time for the patriotic finale celebrating freedom of expression -- political, religious, artistic, or otherwise. The forces of chaos explode with a bang in the climactic court scene where the Montagues plea with the judge for clemency for their son, the Capulets order the play director to change the script to kill off Romeo, and the feminist playwright insists on a happy ending where the families mediate.

NOTE: Since all the dialogue is set to music, it is easier to follow with the tape recording which I send free to actors who wish to form a troupe. Send your mailing address by e-mail to isocracy99@hotmail.com or by postcard to:
J&R, P.O. Box 981101, Houston, TX 77098

Scene 1 - 3

Prologue - Duet (Ros & Rom) - Kinship (Rom & Trio)

Scene 4 - 6

Women's Reading/Rap Slam - Duet (Par & Jul) - Balcony

Scene 7 - 9

Gay-bashing Bash - Death Row - Prayer Scene

Scene 10-12

Abortion Protest - Mock Wedding - Purgatory Scene

Scene 13-15

Prison/Duet (Rom & Jul) - Kangaroo Court - Vault Scene

Scene 16-18

Dueling Dads - Garden Scene - Prison/Duet (Par & Rom)

Scene 19-20

Finale/Group Wedding - Optional Encore - Appendix


Songs Listed by Scene - "Houston Intro" - Endnotes

For a free demo cassette of what these songs sound like,
send a postcard with your name, address, and phone number to:

P.O. Box 981101
Houston, TX 77098

There is no charge to artists and educators to use these materials, but donations may be made to the following organizations to produce this musical as an educational fun-raising project:

The Fourth Ward Health and Educational Center for Youth, Inc. The Theatre Network of Houston, its affiliates, or member organizations The Amazon Xociety Blowin' uP a Spot! Houston Radio Collective Montrose Radio www.montroseradio.org:

94.9 FM
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